Music Class Information

Classroom Rules:

  • Be Safe - Keep both feet on the ground when dancing and always be aware of others around you.
  • Be Kind - Treat yourself, others, and instruments with respect.
  • Be Responsible - Be a good listener when the teacher is talking and raise your hand if you need to ask a question.

Essential Standards:

  • Kindergarten: Using a singing voice, singing on pitch, and playing a steady beat.
  • First Grade: Singing on pitch, notating simple rhythms, and identifying instrument categories.

Current Units:

The kindergarten classes are learning how to sing echo songs, listening and performing a steady beat, and learning the correct playing position when using a xylophone.

The first grade classes are learning how to sing and notate sol and mi patterns, identifying and notating quarter note and eighth note rhythms, and how to identify different percussion instruments and what instrument families they belong to.

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