Edna Hansen

1st Grade Teacher

I started teaching in 1994. My first 14 years of teaching were spent on the Ft. Peck Reservation in north-east Montana. While there I taught 2nd grade, 1st grade, Kindergarten, and Transitional First. I loved the wide-open spaces and the big sky of Montana. I found the continuous struggle to preserve Native ways while also promoting an education that would allow individual students to go on to higher education and/or pursue a life away from from the reservation to be very challenging. 

Changes in my family life brought me to Rawlins in 2008, and I have enjoyed my time here. When I first came, I was teaching First grade at Mountain View Elementary.
I am passionate about Reading as an important key that unlocks many possible areas of interest and study. My *MATH* brain is admittedly not as developed as my logical reasoning brain, but I am always working on that aspect of myself. Teaching young students and watching them develop as readers and mathematicians has been and continues to be a great source of delight.
I love my pets!! 
At home I have 2 faithful dogs and 2 adorable box turtles. Fortunately, my wonderful husband, Mr. Archuleta, helps out with the pet chores. 
I love to spend the whole summer gardening at home. I read a lot about various topics. I read the Washington Post every day. 
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