Jan Bauman

307-328-9240 ext 136
Special Education Coordinator

Web site information updates as of 8/23/17

Jan Bauman Special Education Coordinator K-5.

My contact information is Office Room 214 in the 2-5 Building Phone 307-328-3214

Email jbauman@crb1.net


A little bit about me. I was born and raised in Sheridan, Wyoming. We lived in Sheridan until I was in 7th grade, then we moved to Anchorage, Alaska. I spent ten years in Alaska and graduated from East Anchorage High. My undergraduate degree in Special Education was obtained in Laramie, Wyoming at the University of Wyo. Later I received my Master’s Degree in Special Education from Walden University. My entire teaching career has been here in Rawlins, Wyoming. Throughout my educational career I have taught self-contained and resource rooms across the district in the elementary grades. My passion continues as I support students, staff and parents in helping special students become successful. 


Motto:  Keep Calm, Listen Well, and Do what is Right

As part of my background information I have created my Personal Belief Matrix which I would like to share with you.

Special Needs and Diversity

  • All Students Can Learn
  • Remember Confidentiality
  • Stay Positive
  • Follow responsibilities and guidelines of IEP
  • Classroom Modifications
  • Testing/Evaluation Accommodations
  • Collaborate with parents, colleagues, specialists, and students when applicable
  • Create an environment that promotes success


  • Student-based
  • Interactive
  • Individualized to meet specific needs
  • Assessment and data driven
  • Instruction-guided practice-independent practice
  • Model and demonstrate expected responses
  • Goal Oriented
  • 4:1    positive : corrective


  • Used to inform and guide
  • Ongoing
  • Varied
  • Performance based
  • Individualized
  • Self-Assessment


Parent Involvement

  • Key to Student Success



During the last few years I have been completing continuing education classes and have found some interesting resources. Below you will find listed a few of those sites.


Learning can be challenging and we all need brain breaks. Go Noodle is designed with movement and break breaks in mind. You may sign up for a free trial then pay minimal costs for more services. Check it out, you can do some dancing with your child.


Behavior Communicates is a site that shares easy strategies to help special need student. The site is designed and presented by Carla Butorac. News Letters, emails, blogging, articles, and videos are all offered for your review.



No single test or evaluation determines the potential of your child. Keep things in perspective and Be mindful of the complete picture of your child. We all have strengths and weaknesses. If you are positive about school/learning you child will also have a positive attitude towards school and learning. No new learning occurs without reinforcements!

Let your Optimism Rise

Rise up and attack the Day with Enthusiasm

“We must teach Children to be better at Life!” Jillian Balow 2016

"Build Relationships"  Mr. Hamel Superintendent  2017

I will

be Brave

be Creative

be Kind

be Thankful

be Happy

be Me

Be the REASON Someone Smiles Today!


Growth Mindset:

My Brain is like a Muscle

When I exercise

It, it gets




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