Lauren Hulit

Music Teacher

       Hello! I am a first-year K-1 Music Teacher at Rawlins Elementary School and I graduated this past May with my bachelor's in Music Education with a minor in Disability Studies from the University of Wyoming. I'm from Laramie, WY and enjoyed being involved in the Western Thunder Marching Band as head of the drumline for 2 seasons while also helping out with local music ensembles and an internship at the Cooper Center for the Performing Arts in Laramie. I enjoy finding ways to include multisensory learning techniques into my lessons to appeal to more learning styles of my students.

Music Classroom Rules:

  • Raise your hand and wait for the teacher to call on you to speak.
  • Respect yourself, friends, instruments, and materials.
  • Clean up messes.
  • Have fun!

Quarter 1 Units and Repertoire

August 15-26: Back to School

  • Kindergarten                                        
  1. Wheels on the Bus
  2. Freeze Dance
  3. Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
  • 1st Grade
  1. Jump In, Jump Out
  2. 10 Little Monkeys

August 26-September 19: Ocean Unit

  • Kindergarten
  1. “Tortoise” from “Carnival of the Animals” by Camille Saint-Saens
  2. Charlie Over the Ocean
  3. Crocodile Song (She Sailed Away)
  4. The Monkeys and the Crocodile
  5. Who’s Got A Fish Pole?
  6. Crocodile Song (The Learning Station)
  • 1st Grade
  1. There Was a Little Turtle
  2. A Sailor Went to Sea
  3. Down by the Bay
  4. Down by the Banks
  5. Charlie Over the Ocean

September 19-October 17: Hispanic Heritage Month

  • Kindergarten
  1. De Colores
  2. 10 Deditos
  3. Mexican Hat Dance
  4. Spicy Salsa
  5. Bate Bate Chocolate
  • 1st Grade
  1. Oye Como Va
  2. “Samba Do Brasil” by Ey Macalena
  3. “Real in Rio” from Rio (movie)
  4. Mexican Hat Dance
  5. Bate Bate Chocolate


  • Grand Old Flag

  • My Hero

Essential Standards for Quarter 1:

  • FPA4.1.M.1: Students develop basic musicianship through practice, rehearsal, and revision.
  • FPA4.1.M.2: Students perform independently and with others, developing pitch accuracy, rhythm, posture, and steady beat, a varied repertoire of music.
  • FPA4.1.M.3: Students improvise simple rhythms, melodies, and accompaniments using a variety of traditional and nontraditional sounds.
  • FPA4.2.M.2: Students respond to aural examples by moving to and describing music of various styles.

K-1 Music Grading Rubric

Contact Info


Phone: (307) 328-9299 ext. 4207

Best times for contact: M&W 1:10-1:40pm, T&Th 9:40-10:10am or 3-3:30pm after school.

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